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Curtis McCrackin

For the Future of Colorado

Curtis McCrackin, a prominent business owner from Delta County, is vying for the Republican nomination in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. Over the past two decades, he has successfully managed multiple real estate and construction businesses in the Surface Creek Valley. Additionally, he played a role in the management of Delta Surgical Associates alongside his wife, Dr. Laura McCrackin, dealing with the challenges that arose post the Affordable Care Act's implementation.

McCrackin's campaign is centered on key priorities, including advocating for fiscal responsibility within the federal government, emphasizing the separation of church and state, curbing federal overreach, and preserving the cherished way of life in Western Colorado, which encompasses access to clean air and water.

According to McCrackin, one of the most pressing issues facing Western Colorado voters in 2024 is the inflation stemming from excessive spending in the American Rescue Plan Act and subsequent monetary policies that have led to rising interest rates.
Curtis McCrackin

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